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Best Puzzle Games. Play and have fun!

Lipstick Switch Matching Game

Lipstick Switch

Lipstick Switch, play and have fun! Description Lipstick switch is a very addictive puzzle game, in which you must put all of the scattered makeup items in pairs in order to clear the level,...

Single Line Puzzle Game

Single Line

Single LineSingle Line, play and have fun! Description One puzzle, One line. This is an ultimate brain trainer game to test your logic and puzzle-solving skills. Draw one line in one go to complete...

AngryBirds HD 3.0 Skill Game

Angry Birds HD 3.0

Angry Birds HD 3.0 , play and have fun! Description Angry Birds HD 3.0 is a super popular game. The Angry Birds existence is being threatened by the Bad Piggies and you ought to...

connect 2 puzzle game

Connect 2

Connect 2 matching game, play and have fun! Description Connect 2 is a time based tile matching Puzzle Game. Match pairs of tiles to make them disappear. You must create a path between the two...

Candy Shooter Deluxe Puzzle Game

Candy Shooter Deluxe

Candy Shooter Deluxe,  play and have fun! Description Candy Shooter Deluxe is an action-based puzzler that puts players to the task of tossing colored candy up to a stack of other colored candy. You...

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